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Every Woman A Witch by Cassandra Eason- Book Review

Published 06/07/2012 by Dark Fruit

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Every Woman a Witch was the first Pagan book I bought and I’d recommend it to anyone trying to find out if nature worship and learning about witchcraft is for them. It doesn’t go to deep into Wiccan and other Pagan traditions, it just tells you the basics. There are a few spells and some basic candle magic, and it tells you what tools you need to collect to be able to practice Witchcraft. Great introduction for someone just finding out about Wicca and Paganism.

It does not however give you rigid guidelines to follow it allows you to find your own path which is how Pagan Religions are supposed to work, any book that gives you lots of rules or tells you you MUST use certain tools is wrong.

When I read it it inspired interest in me about each area it covered and led me to find out more, that is how you would use this book in A Pagan library. For the Price they are offering it on Amazon who could argue it’s not worth it? A great introductory book about witchcraft. If you’d prefer to seeĀ  Every Woman a Witch on click here


“Debbie Browns Enchanted Cakes For Children” Review

Published 18/04/2012 by Dark Fruit
Debbie Browns Enchanted Cakes For Children

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If you are into Baking really fancy special enchanted cakes, or are looking for some different more challenging children’s birthday cakes to try making you will love this book! Enchanted Cakes for Children has instructions for some really fantastic birthday cake designs like a Fairy Castle cake, a Sleeping Beauty cake, and many more.

All the stencils you need are in the back to be traced, and there are comprehensive lists of all the tools and Ingredients you will need for each cake. Debbie Brown’s cakes look complicated, but the instructions are really easy to follow and there are lots of photo’s.

The character of the figures you will make have with take your breath away, the detail in each cake is amazing, all made from icing and sponge! Apparently you can keep the figures if you want and they aren’t fully edible you stick them together with straws. You won’t want to cut these beautiful cakes at the end of the party, and it’s a hard back book so you can use it for years to come.

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